1961 Certificate: pg


Comedy adventure starring Tom Tryon as an astronaut hoping to be the first man on the moon, but whose first mission involves going into orbit with a chimp. But while they're up there, they encounter a strange and mysterious lady... A cheerful bit of monkey business that takes a few playful shots at the Sixties space race. Look out for the young Sally Field in one of her first screen roles.


  • James Neilson


  • Tom Tryon

  • Brian Keith

  • Dany Saval

  • Edmond O'Brien


A rare satirical comedy from the Disney studio that manages to poke fun at the American space programme, as well as making monkeys out of the FBI, the Secret Service, the US Air Force and the Government.

Tom Tryon is the hapless pilot volunteered for man's first orbit of the moon by a mischevious monkey, and he has a fight on his hands to stop being upstaged by his animal co-star.

The studio knew it was on to a winner with 'chimp' films, and it would continue the cycle with The Monkey's Uncle, Monkeys, Go Home! and others throughout the Sixties.

The direction is in the capable hands of James Neilson, a former American war photographer.