1969 Certificate: pg


Madcap comedy starring Tony Curtis, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Gert 'Goldfinger' Frobe as rival racers competing (and cheating) to win the prestigious Monte Carlo car rally. With an English rose (Susan Hampshire), a Russian villain (Jack Hawkins), two girl-chasing Italians, three saucy French belles and perennial British cad Terry-Thomas also involved, the slapstick comes as thick as the stereotypes. An unabashed joyride.


  • Ken Annakin


  • Tony Curtis

  • Dudley Moore

  • Susan Hampshire

  • Terry-Thomas

  • Peter Cook


As the American title (Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies) would indicate, this is a sort of sequel to that flying-machine comedy, with Terry-Thomas again in dastardly form as an English nobleman who plans to sabotage all his rivals in the Monte Carlo Rally.

Ken Annakin's direction is most fun in the sequences where the cars Terry Thomas has sabotaged start coming apart; here, there and everywhere.