1947 Certificate: u


Classic Christmas fantasy starring the perfectly cast Edmund Gwenn as a lovable department store Santa who sets out to prove to a child that he is the real Father Christmas. This deservedly scooped three Academy Awards - including one for Gwenn - and also features an eight-year-old Natalie Wood. A genuinely heart-warming tale, given a crispier edge with its anti-consumerism message.


  • George Seaton


  • Edmund Gwenn

  • Maureen O'Hara

  • Natalie Wood

  • John Payne


Heartwarming piece of Hollywood comedy-fantasy which won three Academy Awards, one each for screenplay and original story and one for Edmund Gwenn's performance as the loveable old store Santa Claus who is all too convincing in the role.

The child whose suspicious nature he has to conquer is played by an eight-year-old Natalie Wood - already a film veteran of some four years' experience.

Scrape-voiced Thelma Ritter makes her screen debut as one of the mothers visiting the store; and Maureen O'Hara, as the store supervisor, takes a pleasant break from glamour and swashbuckling to prove herself an accomplished light comedienne, skilfully complementing Gwenn's eye-catching performance.