1988 Certificate: 18


Outstanding action comedy starring Robert De Niro as Jack Walsh, a permanently cheesed-off bounty hunter charged with taking Charles Grodin's embezzling accountant Jonathan 'The Duke' Mardukas from New York to his bail bondsman in Los Angeles. The problem? They've got the Mob, the FBI, and Walsh's dopey rival on their tail. And The Duke doesn't like to fly... The laugh-out-loud combination of antagonistic characters, endlessly quotable banter and gear-crunching action makes this one of the greatest road trips in movie history. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


  • Martin Brest


  • Robert De Niro

  • Charles Grodin

  • Yaphet Kotto

  • John Ashton

  • Joe Pantoliano

  • Dennis Farina


Robert De Niro delivers his best comedy performance as Jack Walsh, a former Chicago cop now working as a bounty hunter for seedy Los Angeles bail bondsman Eddie Moscone (Joe Pantoliano).

But Jack sees a way out when he's assigned his most lucrative job yet: capturing bail-jumping accountant Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas (Charles Grodin) in New York and dragging him back to LA.

It should be an easy job - "it's a midnight run, for chrissakes!" - but since the victim of the Duke's embezzlement is notorious Mafia boss Jimmy Serrano (Dennis Farina), neither he nor the FBI on his case are about to let a washed-up ex-cop get in the way of their white-collar target.

With the Feds, Serrano's goons and Jack's bone-headed bounty hunting rival marvin (John Ashton) in hot pursuit, it's going to be a long trip. And with his incessant wheedling about everything from his inability to fly to passive smoking, it's clear that the Duke is not about to come quietly.

Beverly Hills Cop director Martin Brest handles the action with élan and the by-play between odd couple De Niro and Grodin is comedy gold.