1997 Certificate: pg


The original sci-fi comedy smash sees Will Smith's New York street cop join a secret government agency that monitors alien activity on Earth. His loose attitude doesn't sit well with his unsmiling new partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), but it takes all sorts to outsmart the scum of the universe (beautifully realised by Oscar-winning makeup maestro Rick Baker) when they intend to ruin the intergalactic peace. Rip Torn gives the orders and Linda Fiorentino lends scientific support, but the most valuable contribution to their mission comes from a talkative pug called Frank. It deservedly won the Oscar for best make-up.


  • Barry Sonnenfeld


  • Will Smith

  • Tommy Lee Jones

  • Linda Fiorentino

  • Vincent D'Onofrio

  • Rip Torn


A combination of Ghost Busters and The SWAT Squad, this is the kind of entertainment only 1990s special effects could provide.

Regulators of all things alien on Earth, the Men in Black are secret US government operatives armed with torches that obliterate witnesses' memories of alien activity. Seconded to membership, New York cop J (Will Smith) joins veteran operative K (Tommy Lee Jones).

He's just in time to pursue a humanoid giant bug (Vincent D'Onofrio) who is out to steal a galaxy. Meanwhile, out in space, an alien force threatens to terminate Earth if it isn't rescued.

Exceptionally good fun, especially the alien worms addicted to earthly nicotine, and a can of insect spray labelled 'Bug Off'.