2000 Certificate: 12


You only get one chance to create a good first impression and Ben Stiller's hapless Greg Focker blows it over one hellish weekend with his fiancee's dad Robert De Niro. Nerves are to be expected, but it doesn't help that Pops is an ex-CIA spook whose suspiciousness borders on paranoia. Ben and Bob's chalk-and-cheese act and moments of brilliantly executed slapstick made this an instant comedy classic.


  • Jay Roach


  • Ben Stiller

  • Robert De Niro

  • Blythe Danner

  • Teri Polo

  • Owen Wilson


Greg Focker (Stiller) is head over heels in love with girlfriend Pam (Polo), and is ready to pop the big question.

When his attempt to propose is thwarted by a phone call with the news that Pam's sister is getting married, Greg plans to use the trip to Pam's family home to propose.

Upon his arrival at the family's home, Greg is greeted by what appears to be the picture-perfect family: a loving husband and wife, two daughters, a son and a beloved cat.

But trying to get the approval of Pam's very protective and suspicious father Jack (De Niro) looks like it could be harder than he imagined.

So begins a weekend from hell as Greg's attempts to impress his prospective father-in-law go hopelessly pear-shaped.

For a guy who generally resorts to dry wit in stressful situations, Greg is suddenly shooting blanks with Jack. Everything that could possibly go wrong, does.

While Greg bends over backwards to try and make a good impression, his weekend begins with lost luggage at the airport and turns into a hilarious series of disasters, and embarrassing moments.

The pressure of having to get on with potential in-laws is one that viewers will relate to, and Stiller's disastrous attempts to fit in will have everyone cringing in despair.

It's a hilarious double-act from Stiller and De Niro, whose career path has taken a sharp turn in recent years from mafia tough-guy to softer comedy roles.

The tables are reversed when Pam is introduced to Greg's dippy-hippy folks Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand in 2003's Meet The Fockers.