2011 Certificate: 12


The catfights continue in the sequel to the high school comedy that put Lindsay Lohan on the road to stardom. Replacing LiLo as the new hottie in class, Meaghan Martin is Jo, a tomboy whose dad's job as a Nascar mechanic makes her a target for the school's snobby female clique, The Plastics. But in cahoots with shy nerdette Abby (Wizards of Waverly Place star Jennifer Stone), Jo hatches a scheme to put the Plastics in meltdown. Full of social embarrassments and juicy comeuppances, it's more of a revamp than a sequel. Still, if it ain't broke...


  • Melanie Mayron


  • Meaghan Martin

  • Maiara Walsh

  • Jennifer Stone

  • Nicole Gale Anderson

  • Claire Holt