1987 Certificate: pg


Sci-fi adventure based on the ultra-popular 80s action figures, starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as his nemesis Skeletor. They are the respective champions of good and evil, battling for possession of a cosmic key. Splashy, heroic fun.


  • Gary Goddard


  • Dolph Lundgren

  • Frank Langella

  • Meg Foster

  • Courteney Cox

  • Billy Barty


Derivative music announces another piece of stirring comic-strip sci-fi, ordinary by Star Wars standards but rousing enough in its impersonal way to entertain youngsters.

Dolph Lundgren strides mightily across the screen in this one, striving to protect the key to the doors that unlock... well, we never did quite figure out what was at the heart of things. Never mind, suffice to say there's a whole lot of zapping going on.

Chelsea Field impresses as a statuesque girl warrior and Friends' Courteney Cox is also attractive in a more winsome way as the earth maiden who somehow gets caught up in it all.

Flashing lights seem to play a major role in the battle scenes, mainly against the evil Skeletor's 'Darth Vader' clones who have no eyes - which may explain their appalling aim with laser guns.