1964 Certificate: u


Disney's spellbinding musical stars the primly perfect Julie Andrews as an Edwardian nanny whose magical powers and sense of adventure transform the lives of a stuffy banker's young children. The combination of zesty animation, sweet sentiment and wonderful tunes (including A Spoonful of Sugar, Let's Go Fly A Kite, and the Oscar-winning Chim Chim Cher-ee) make it an absolute family delight. To add to the fun, Dick Van Dyke puts the poppycock in Cockney as Ms Poppins' all singin', all dancin' chim-chimeree chum. In short, it's supercalifragli... superfrali... superthingywotsit!


  • Robert Stevenson


  • Julie Andrews

  • Dick Van Dyke

  • David Tomlinson

  • Glynis Johns

  • Karen Dotrice

  • Matthew Garber


Unjustly ignored for the film version of her stage hit My Fair Lady, Julie Andrews bounced back to win an Oscar as the magical mystery nanny who changes the lives of the Banks family for the better in the early 20th century.

Perhaps the last great original Hollywood musical, with joyous dance routines - especially the chimney sweeps on rooftops - and a whole nursery full of hit songs. Andrews, Ed Wynn (as the uncle who floats when he laughs), Glynis Johns and David Tomlinson are delightful.

And Dick Van Dyke, as Bert, pavement artist, sweep and one-man band, sang and danced his way to film stardom (in spite of a dodgy cockney accent).

Don't forget to stay tuned for the last line of the credits.