1952 Certificate: u


Ealing drama about a deaf mute girl, starring Phyllis Calvert, Mandy Miller and Jack Hawkins.


  • Alexander Mackendrick


  • Phyllis Calvert

  • Jack Hawkins

  • Mandy Miller


A dramatic, exciting film about the problems facing a young couple whose child is unable to speak or hear. Mandy Miller, as the little girl who lives in a silent world, gives an affecting performance which won the hearts of millions. A Venice Film Festival prize winner, the film's subject, an unusual one for Ealing, might have seemed too serious for a director like Alexander Mackendrick since his previous two full-length films had been comedies (Whisky Galore! and The Man in the White Suit). Yet his background in documentary films stood him in good stead. He also proved to have a sure way with child stars, as shown by his later films Sammy Going South and A High Wind in Jamaica.