1946 Certificate: u


British musical starring Sid Field and Petula Clark. A veteran music-hall comedian's 12-year-old daughter strives to get her father a starring role in a big revue.


  • Wesley Ruggles


  • Sid Field

  • Petula Clark

  • Greta Gynt

  • Kay Kendall


This big Technicolor film was made as Britain's answer to Hollywood musicals, and to showcase successful stage comedian Sid Field whose one previous movie had been the 1940 comedy That's the Ticket. In fact, it was not very effective as either, although it did give an early leading role to Kay Kendall; and the 14-year-old Petula Clark is delightful as Field's daughter. The director is a Hollywood expert, Wesley Ruggles (brother of actor Charlie Ruggles), who made such early screen hits as Cimarron, No Man of Her Own, I'm No Angel and Bolero.