2012 Certificate: 15


Dumped by her feckless boyfriend just three weeks before their big day, Lola (Greta Gerwig) enlists her close friends for a series of romantic adventures. Unfortunately, her trysts include her (platonic) male best buddy and an over-endowed architect who hums indie songs while making love. Director and co-writer Daryl Wein concocts a witty dissection of Manhattanite relationship foibles with the ever-reliable Gerwig at the centre of the emotional intrigues.


  • Daryl Wein


  • Greta Gerwig

  • Joel Kinnaman

  • Zoe Lister Jones

  • Hamish Linklater

  • Bill Pullman

  • Debra Winger


Unlucky-in-love Lola (mumblecore queen Gerwig) belongs to that select group of bo-ho Manhattanites that only seems to exist in fey indie movies.

They're normally writers, actors or painters (all three here), plead poverty yet swank around with Apple MacBook Pros, live in unfeasibly large SoHo apartments and seem only too happy to hop into bed with the nearest fellow deep thinker at the drop of a French novella.

Lola's small world comes to an end when she's dumped three weeks before her wedding to saucer-deep artist Luke (Kinnaman), a needy bohemian himbo who suddenly discovers he wants to be alone. Try solitary.

Egged on by her waspishly irritating performance artist buddy Alice (Lister Jones), she exits a period of glum moping and crisp gorging to head out on the tiles and pick up some young buck,

Unfortunately, the first chap she falls for is her platonic best buddy and Luke's, like, totally closest friend Henry (Linklater), a lovelorn drip who obviously fancies her but is too frightened (or sensible) to make a move.

Thankfully, things perk up with the arrival of Ebon Moss-Bachrach's roller-blading, fresh fish-loving singleton Nick, who tempts Lola into the funniest scene in the film when he attempts to seduce her with his outsize organ at his bachelor pad.

"I didn't want to be a prison architect," he tells her. "It just sort of happened."

These are the sort of ambitious New York City hipsters - faithless, fickle, morally suspect - you rather wish had been wiped out during Cloverfield.

Gerwig, a fine actress in Greenberg, deserves better than this fey meditation on the crazy romantic scrapes these adorable young things seem to find themselves in.

It's not so much Lola versus the world as Lola versus her agent.