2017 Certificate: 15


The claws come out again for Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), now eking out a bleak existence in the Mexican desert with the outcast Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Making a buck as a hard-drinking limo driver, his self-imposed exile ends with the arrival of Laura (Dafne Keen), a young mutant with a shady background. She's also on the wanted list of a cybernetic psycho (Boyd Holbrook) and his sinister boss (Richard E Grant). Dark, disturbing and ultra-violent, this chapter of the X-Men saga is blood red in tooth and claw. Monochrome  version.


  • James Mangold


  • Hugh Jackman

  • Boyd Holbrook

  • Patrick Stewart

  • Doris Morgado

  • Stephen Merchant

  • Dafne Keen

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez