1986 Certificate: pg


He's a mean, green mutha from outer space, and he's bad! A man-eating plant sings for his supper in Muppeteer Frank Oz's adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, itself based on Roger Corman's cult classic. Rick Moranis is terrific as the nerdy shop assistant who discovers the bloom with a bloodlust and taps into its potential to boost trade and help him win the heart of ditzy co-worker Ellen Greene. Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops voices the mean, green mutha while Steve Martin and Bill Murray pop up in juicy, bite-sized cameos. Feed me!


  • Frank Oz


  • Rick Moranis

  • Ellen Greene

  • Steve Martin

  • James Belushi

  • Vincent Gardenia

  • John Candy


It's not often that producers gamble on a musical. So you can bet that when one does come along it has to be pretty special.

This one is: its central character is a man-eating plant. And it sings!

Theatre-goers will find the ending changed from the stage original, but it's a move neither for better nor worse, simply providing the film with a climactic battle between man and plant.

Rick Moranis is the weedy assistant in a (very) downtown flower shop whose discovery of a little plant that grows on blood makes the shop and its owner (Vincent Gardenia) famous, and may even help Rick win his Monroeish co-worker (Ellen Greene) away from her sadistic dentist lover.

This leading trio do immensely well not to be overshadowed by the array of guest stars.

Dentistry may never be the same after Steve Martin's driller-killer (once seen from inside a patient's mouth).

Bill Murray is a droll delight as his masochistic patient, while big John Candy pops up as the livewire of Skid Row Radio and there's a glimpse of James Belushi as an opportunist eager to take cuttings from the far-from jolly green giant.

Freaky, fun and funky. Feed me!