1995 Certificate: 15


Oscar-winning short film directed by and starring Christine Lahti, co-starring Danny Aiello and Nancy Travis. A recently widowed man pays a prostitute to keep him company while he is holidaying in Hawaii. Then he falls in love with a married estate agent...


  • Christine Lahti


  • Christine Lahti

  • Nancy Travis

  • Danny Aiello


That charming, delicate actress Christine Lahti makes her director debut with this Oscar-winning short, in which she also stars as a lusty hooker who encounters the said Lieberman (Danny Aiello), who gets involved with her, paying just for her company. But then he finds a perfect match for himself in mousy Nancy Travis, with the catch that she unfortunately happens to be married. As you'd expect from a film made by an actress, the acting's just super, but Polly Platt's script is spot on, too, deliciously quirky and amusing. A deserved Oscar-winner: seek it out and tape if necessary.