1997 Certificate: 18


Tim Roth delivers a riveting performance as a wealthy socialite accused of not just murdering a prostitute (Renee Zellweger)... but cutting her body in two. Chris Penn and Michael Rooker are the cops who attempt to get to the truth by virtue of a lie detector test. However, they find themselves manipulated into being victims of the smooth operator when he discovers their vulnerabilities as well as a link to the murdered hooker.


  • Jonas Pate

  • Josh Pate


  • Chris Penn

  • Tim Roth

  • Renee Zellweger

  • Michael Rooker


To tell no lie, this is a tensely handled, vicious-toned psychological thriller, illuminated by spectacular performances by Tim Roth.

He plays a socialite accused of killing a prostitute and Chris Penn and Michael Rooker are the cops who try to find out the truth by giving him a lie detector test.

The bizarre truth unfolds in carefully controlled flashbacks, though the flashily photographed central portions in the claustrophobic interrogation room are the film's finest.

Roth is utterly believable, cast aginst type as the handsome American socialite, while Penn and Rooker are sweatily perfect as his interrogators whom he turns into his victims.

Made by twins in their twenties, and based on the experience of one of them as a game show contestant hooked up to a polygraph machine. Streuth!