1936 Certificate: u


Vintage George Formby comedy about a gormless heir seeking a fortune in gems hidden in one of six chairs. George Formby sings 'When I'm Cleaning Windows' among other songs.


  • Monty Banks


  • Alastair Sim

  • George Formby

  • Florence Desmond


This very rare George Formby item is based on the Russian play about a fortune hidden in one of a set of chairs that has provided screen material for numerous film comics, including Jack Benny, Ron Moody, Terry-Thomas and Mel Brooks. Formby's on form - especially singing Keep Your Seats, Please and When I'm Cleaning Windows - Florence Desmond's a much stronger leading lady that George usually had, and Alastair Sim made one of his first major impacts in films as the unscrupulous lawyer who also has his beady eye on the hidden fortune.