2012 Certificate: pg


A fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the showbiz world of American popstrel (and Russell Brand's ex-squeeze) during her latest tour. A whirlwind tour of her past takes us back to her strict religious upbringing, her stop-start career trajectory in LA and, finally, global triumph with her smart pop songs and bubblegum persona. It's also a major slice of luck that the documentary begins - and ends with - Perry's doomed marriage to Brand.


  • Dan Cutforth

  • Jane Lipsitz


  • Kate Perry

  • Shannon Woodward

  • Lucas Kerr


From the makers of last year's Justin Bieber: Never Say Never comes this new pop tour doc about California Gurl Katy Perry, following the pop sensation as she embarks on a massive world tour.

It's a neatly packaged, good-looking affair which intersperses prep and performances from the tour itself with talking heads, past footage and, of course, interviews with the ever effervescent Perry herself.

"Everyone thinks she's a puppet, that her success came out of nowhere, but that's not the case at all," coos her loyal sister, who is also part of an entourage that genuinely all seem to get along.

Cue flashbacks of Perry's past, including the well-known - her Pentecostal background and her supportive but slightly scandalised minister parents, and the less well-known - she moved to L.A. in her teens.

There, she was dropped by not one, not two but three record labels before finally finding success and going on to become the first woman ever to achieve five number one singles from one album and only the second person in he world to do so after Michael Jackson.

Whatever you think of Perry's brand of bubblegum pop and cartoon costumes, this is not a success story even the hardest of hearts can begrudge.