1993 Certificate: pg


Breaking - and shaking - new ground with its monster special effects, Steven Spielberg's box office colossus brings Michael Crichton's bestseller to breathtakingly convincing life. Richard Attenborough is the well-meaning billionaire who unveils an island theme park full of cloned dinosaurs to his two grandchildren and three disbelieving scientists (Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum). Which is all wonderful until a power cut sets the meat-eaters free...


  • Steven Spielberg


  • Sam Neill

  • Laura Dern

  • Jeff Goldblum

  • Richard Attenborough

  • Samuel L Jackson

  • Bob Peck


Steven Spielberg's dinosaur thriller roars into action as genetically engineered prehistoric beasts go berserk on their own private island after a rogue employee turns off all the electric fences penning them in.

Sam Neill and Laura Dern are the whatever-ologists left fighting to survive the palaeo-onslaught alongside disbelieving mathematician Jeff Goldblum and island owner Dickie Attenborough's grandkids.

Talk about rollercoaster entertainment - this is one of the greatest movie rides ever.