2002 Certificate: 12


Epic drama charting the rise and fall of the great Roman general, starring Jeremy Sisto, Richard Harris, Christopher Walken.


  • Uli Edel


  • Jeremy Sisto

  • Richard Harris

  • Samuela Sardo

  • Valeria Golino

  • Christopher Walken


Not another film version of the Shakespeare play, but a sweeping, colourful historical epic charting the life of the great Roman general and politician. It tackles the period from the occupation of Rome by the brutal dicator, Sulla, in 82BC up to the assassination of Caesar in 44BC. With high production values, this TV movie, originally a mini-series, looks good and boasts a quality cast, including Jeremy Sisto as Caesar, Richard Harris (in his last role, enjoying being a nasty piece of work) as Sulla, Christopher Walken as Cato and Christopher Noth as Pompey. Aside from a few factual errors, this is a thoroughly decent and entertaining slice of history with plenty of battle action amid the personal and political machinations.