2011 Certificate: pg


Australian bottle rocket Jordana Beatty - who debuted in Superman Returns - gives an impressive performance as the titular tomboy. Heather Graham is also on hand as her ditzy Aunt Opal, who comes to stay with the grumpy Judy and sets out to help her have the most not bummer summer ever, even after all her buddies have abandoned her. Cue mishaps, mayhem and the most disgusting 'fondue' you've ever seen. An appropriately rowdy adaptation of Megan McDonald's popular children's book.


  • John Schultz


  • Jordana Beatty

  • Heather Graham

  • Kristoffer Ryan Winters

  • Preston Bailey


Megan McDonald's popular series of children's books comes to life on the big screen in a boisterous funfair of a movie that will have the under-tens roaring with laughter but the adults reaching for the Nurofen.

When Judy (Jordanna Beatty) discovers her best friends are going away for the summer, as well as her own parents, she gets all in a huff about spending it with her brother Stink, whose obsession with Bigfoot is driving her crazy, and her bohemian Aunt Opal (Heather Graham), who can't drive, cook or stop snoring.

The situation is most definitely not "uber rare", as Judy would say. Until, that is, she starts the "thrill points" race, a dare challenge that sets her off walking tightropes and getting vomited on in a fairground just to prove to everyone else that she has not had a totally bummer summer.

As the carrot-haired heroine Beatty is loud, charming and just as annoyingly excitable as girls her age so often are.

Everything is thrill-idelic and super-awesome, presented in bright, shiny colours and spoken AS IF IN CAPITAL LETTERS!

For adults, the whole thing is a tad headache-inducing, and they may have to spend their time lamenting the Stepford Wives-ness of the perfect tree-lined streets and the creepy rigidness of Judy's mother's hair.

But for children, Judy's simple suburban pleasures and unsophisticated emotions and tantrums are something that many of them will relate to.

Especially those with supertastic annoying younger siblings and uber rare summer plans.