1951 Certificate: pg


Thriller starring Hugh Sinclair as a reporter on the trail of a drugs kingpin who comes across a group of down-and-outs with their own interest in the criminal. With Joan Collins.


  • John Baxter


  • Hugh Sinclair

  • Helen Shingler

  • Abraham Sofaer

  • Joan Collins


Joan Collins made her film debut in this, the first production from Group 3, a unit formed to encourage new young British film-makers. (It later produced The Brave Don't Cry, Conflict of Wings, The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp and several other good low-budget features). This one occasionally creaks under the strain of its longish running time but offers some striking tableaux, especially within the weird 'court' held by a crowd of criminals, eccentrics and jobless that in some ways recalls the 'jury' that proved the nemesis of Peter Lorre in Fritz Lang's classic thriller 'M'.