2011 Certificate: 15


Probation officer Oscar Svendson (Kyrre Hellum) unwisely signs up with a trio of his criminal charges for a football pools syndicate. When their number comes up and they land 1. 7 kroner, the grasping winners revert terrifyingly to type and Oscar wakes up in a strip club surrounded by corpses with a shotgun in his hand. But how did he get there? Based on a story by Norway's Jo Nesbø, director Magnus Martens builds a Usual Suspects-style structure to fuse black comedy with cartoon violence to produce a bleak Scandinavian comedy-thriller.


  • Magnus Martens


  • Kyrre Hellum

  • Henrik Mestad

  • Marie Blokhus

  • Mads Ousdal

  • Andreas Cappelen


After Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson breathed fresh life into the thriller - both book and film - with the Millennium series, fellow Scandinavian scribbler Jo Nesbø made an impressive arrival with Headhunters.

Here he provides the story for writer-director Magnus Martens' screenplay, a switchback comedy thriller with more than a nod to The Usual Suspects but without director Bryan Singer's ability to head off disbelief.

It kicks off in fine style with stunned and bloodied Oscar Svendson (Hellum) coming to in a tacky country strip-club surrounded by the bullet-ripped corpses of innocent victims, wrong 'uns and unfortunate pole dancers.

Interrogated by a hardline, old school cop Solør, intimidatingly played by Henrik Mestad, he slowly pieces together the unpleasant chain of events leading up to - and including - the massacre.

It turns out that he's a probation officer for ex-cons making artificial christmas trees and foolishly joined them in a football syndicate whose number came up, showering them with 1.7m in kroner.

Almost immediately having landed the lolly, one of them was bludgeoned to death with a hammer for - apparently - trying to cut out his buddies and head off with the loot.

Quickly Oscar realises he's dealing with duplicitous double-crossers...and also learns that other criminally vested interests want to get their hands on the moolah.