2011 Certificate: 18


Having performed enough stupid stunts to fill two 3D movies, Johnny Knoxville and his fellow foolhards do just that - except this one's not in 3D. In this steaming-fresh pile of gross idiocy, the lads subject themselves to trials by everything from tasers to snapping turtles, plus all the below-the-belt trauma they can take without going to hospital. Just remember, this will hurt them more than it'll hurt you.


  • Jeff Tremaine


  • Johnny Knoxville

  • Steve-O

  • Bam Margera

  • Chris Pontius

  • Jason Acuna

  • Preston Lacy


Those Jackass boys aren't stupid. If they're going to suffer for their art, they're sure as heck gonna make sure you suffer with them.

So after half-killing themselves for the 3D riot that was Jackass 3, there was plenty of material left over for another yucksome compilation of puerile, pointless and painfully funny stunts.

Of course, ringmaster Johnny Knoxville and his regular clowns Steve-O, Bam Margera, Jason 'Wee Man' Acuna, Preston Lacy and the ever pantless Chris Pontius always warn viewers not to try any of their antics at home. Which is like trying to stop a dog from sniffing another's behind.

The only thing safe about their gags is the knowledge that most of the inevitable amateur re-enactments on YouTube are destined to end in disaster. They're an A&E nurse's worst nightmare.

But what make 3.5 slightly different is that throughout the onslaught of fate-tempting capers and ano-genital assaults, director Jeff Tremaine and the chaps take the odd time-out to explain the method in their madness (such as it is).

Join the Jackass crew and you're entering an over-your-shoulder world of fear and paranoia. But what do you expect when you're surrounded by an army of professional fools who can turn just about anything into a gleeful weapon?

So grit your teeth for wince-making encounters with woodpeckers, angry bulls, and snapping turtles; surfboards, treadmills and burning coals; horse semen, dead fish and live wires; slow-motion drop-kicks, rocket-powered dildos and fart-propelled darts.

But while masters of sado-masochistic invention, they never forget the simple schoolboy pleasures of kicking chair legs away, playing with poo and peeing on each other. 'Gag' is often the operative word.

So while it gives fresh insight into the art of idiocy, Jackass 3.5 is still as subtle as a basketball to the nuts.

Elliott Noble