2010 Certificate: 18


The grossery store re-opens for business as Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee Man and the rest of MTV's foremost idiots take horseplay to the third dimension. The squeamish should look away now as the boys subject themselves to the sort of wince-making, gut-churning stunts that can - and often do - make grown men cry. Remember: don't try this at home. And whatever you do, don't eat beforehand.


  • Jeff Tremaine


  • Johnny Knoxville

  • Bam Margera

  • Steve-O

  • Chris Pontius

  • Ryan Dunn


"That had everything!" splutters incorrigible Jackass Steve-O after being catapulted up and down in a portaloo full of dog poo. "It had danger! It had s**t! It had puke! That's what this show is all about!"

Ten years after first hurling themselves at the small screen, the gang's all here, older but absolutely no wiser, for another feature-length catalogue of public (and pubic) indecencies and reckless endangerment.

But now that any idiot can stick a homemade stunt on YouTube, the chaps have had to up their game. So while taste levels plunge lower than even Wee Man's belt, this round of shenanigans has to hit the target. Painfully.

Frankly, the gimmick doesn't add much. But the slow-motion replays certainly do, since many of the pranks involve people being hit very hard in very sensitive areas with objects ranging from golf balls to dildos.

No one is spared the pain, but the biggest "ouch"; probably goes to Ryan Dunn when an NFL kicker punts an American football straight into his mush. A tooth extraction by Lambourghini comes an eye-watering second.

The gags come thick and fast. Literally. Yet while Steve-O's aforementioned doo-doo shower scores highly on the barf-o-meter, it's just one more challenge to your stomach after Dave England's bum volcano and the "sweatsuit cocktail"; made from the body fluids of team fatty Preston Lacy.

Other living props include rams, bulls, buffalos, bees, snakes, scorpions, a donkey, an angry dog, and - in Lacy's second big moment - a pig that doesn't mind where its apples have been.

There's also fun with superglue, stun-guns, cattle prods, falling trees, a penis-cam and a guy who can fart at will.

Some capers are just Candid Camera daft, with innocent bystanders looking on slack-jawed as a heavily made-up Knoxville snogs his "granddaughter" and Jason "Wee Man" Acuna starts a bar-room brawl populated entirely by people under three feet tall.

And it wouldn't be Jackass without Chris Pontius attaching something to his wedding tackle and Bam Margera's dad being humiliated.

Elliott Noble