2013 Certificate: 15


The world of hard-up Denver number cruncher and family man Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) comes crashing down when he finds himself saddled with thousands of dollars of debt. It turns out another 'Sandy Patterson' has been on a mega spending spree... on a maxed-out credit card in Florida. Following a run-in with the local cops, the real Sandy discovers his shady alter ego is a free-spending bank card scammer (Bridesmaids' Melissa McCarthy) and he sets off to the Sunshine State to bring her to justice. Fast and frenetic road trip comedy from Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses).


  • Seth Gordon


  • Jason Bateman

  • Melissa McCarthy

  • Amanda Peet

  • Genesis Rodriguez

  • Jon Favreau

  • Robert Patrick


Melissa McCarthy plays Florida singleton Diana, a compulsive shopper who unashamedly buys anything that catches her eye, including the fleeting friendships of freeloaders cadging drinks off her in sports bars.

The devil-may-care catch is that she whacks the mounting bills on forged plastic, manufactured in her front room after extracting the details from her patsies with a well-practised spiel.

One of her anonymous targets turns out to be Sandy Patterson (Bateman), a decent, hard-working corporate drone who lives in a small apartment with his pregnant wife (Peet) and two cutesy daughters.

When a grim conspiracy of events stemming from Diana's scam results in his arrest, dismissal from his job and threats from the bailiffs, he decides to take the law into his own hands and head 2,000 miles to force his nemesis to face the music.