2007 Certificate: 15


Following in the grand tradition of the Ealing classics, this saucy comedy follows the trials and tribulations of two wannabe film-makers who achieve their ambitions by making a no-budget skinflick. Scary Movie's Carmen Electra stars as the blue movie queen and the script was written by Peter Hewitt (director of Garfield and The Borrowers) and Phil Hughes (writer of Thunderpants). Watch out for appearances from acerbic stand-up Jimmy Carr and Pirates of the Caribbean's Mackenzie Crook.


  • Stephen Surjik


  • Michelle Ryan

  • Tom Riley

  • Tom Burke

  • Eddie Marsan

  • Philip Jackson

  • Carmen Electra

  • Felicity Montagu


Getting a movie made is no mean feat, particularly if you have no funding, contacts, or indeed, the remotest idea of how to get a movie made.

This doesn't stop Joe (Tom Riley) and Baggy (Tom Burke), however, the college teens who defy their arty film teacher (Mackenzie Crook) by attempting to put together a full-length feature film based on Baggy's script.

Joe's efforts as the producer of the piece are admirable, particularly when he talks his way into a production house in Soho. Unfortunately for Joe, the man on the receiving end of his pitch (a suitably sleazy Eddie Marsan) makes a slightly different genre of movie to the one he and Baggy had in mind - namely, porn.

A break is a break, and despite the need to change the script somewhat, Joe convinces the neurotic Baggy that making a porno could be their big break. But in order to get it funded, they're going to need a reputable star. Possibly, the world famous Candy Fiveways...

Enter Carmen Electra as the big bosomed porn actress, in town to promote a new book. If Joe can convince her to star in the low-budget flick, it must just all come together.

In the style of British comedies of old, slapstick and innuendo is plentiful as the motley group of porn-makers attempt to film in the confines of Joe's parents' house, while staving off the attention of the shady Soho duo responsible for the film's financing.