1941 Certificate: u


Wartime British comedy starring Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch.


  • Marcel Varnel


  • Richard Murdoch

  • Lily Morris

  • Arthur Askey


Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch pose as cook/maid and butler respectively in the household of grand lady Lily Morris in this cheerful, long-unseen British wartime romp about putting on a show. There's the predictable knockabout fun and silly voices with Arthur in drag and Moore Marriott as the lady's dotty dad. Also contributing to the chaos are fat boy Graham Moffatt, perennial char Kathleen Harrison, burly Wally Patch and reedy-voiced Felix Aylmer. It's all directed by that master of comic organisation, Frenchman Marcel (Oh! Mr Porter) Varnel. It's not one of his best, and some of it looks pretty dated now, but some scenes still raise a hearty chuckle.