2004 Certificate: 12


It's 2035 and robots are programmed to do the jobs that humans don't want to do. Cyborg-hating detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is investigating the death of a scientist... and becomes suspicious that the first law of robotics has been broken to cause the first-ever android murder. Based on the scriptures of sci-fi god Isaac Asimov, this super-shiny rollercoaster runs on state-of-the-art visuals and the unstoppable energy of Smith Industries model 1. 0.


  • Alex Proyas


  • Will Smith

  • Bridget Moynahan

  • Alan Tudyk

  • James Cromwell

  • Bruce Greenwood


When a leading robotics scientist commits suicide on the eve of his company's distribution of their new model, Will Smith's Detective Spooner - a cop that hates and mistrusts robots anyway - senses that something is awry.

Essentially it's a detective story with a good deal of action thrown in for good measure.

And even though it's independent of Isaac Asimov's book, screenwriter Jeff Vintar delves into the novel for inspiration, using the occasional theory and set-piece to excellent effect.

Added to which, there's a number of high-octane action sequences that Alex Proyas handles with such skill that it belies the fact that it's his first real big-budget gig.

And unlike his previous efforts, such as The Crow or Dark City, Proyas has shunned the dark and moody atmospherics for a style highly reminiscent of Spielberg's in Minority Report.

Instead, sit back and enjoy an action flick with a brain.