2012 Certificate: 15


Charlotte Rampling stars as a department store assistant who attends London singles parties where she meets Gabriel Byrne's policeman. Intrigued by her, it slowly dawns on him that she may be implicated in a murder that he's investigating. Rampling's son Barnaby Southcombe makes his directorial debut in a handsomely-shot British thriller.


  • Barnaby Southcombe


  • Charlotte Rampling

  • Gabriel Byrne

  • Hayley Attwell

  • Eddie Marsan


Charlotte Rampling's son Barnaby Southcombe certainly takes advantage of family connections to cast his mum as a London singles scene femme fatale.

She never knowingly undersells herself as Anna, a sales assistant at John Lewis, who is dipping her toe in the brief encounters world of the London singles scene.

Ill-advisedly, after hitting it off over champers at a speed-dating night, she goes home with a macho geezer (Brown) and one things leads to another, including one activity in which most dutiful sons would prefer not to see their good old mums involved.

The upshot is her date for the night winds up dead...and Anna has no recollection of what happened.

Soon on the crime scene is Byrne's world-weary, divorced detective, who sees Anna leaving the dead man's flat and - intrigued - engineers a meeting with her at another lonely hearts do.