1963 Certificate: 12


In this tale of the fading West, Paul Newman takes centre stage as the ne'er-do-well son of a Texas rancher while Patricia Neal's portrayal of their sassy housekeeper earned her the Best Actress Oscar. Although Larry McMurtry's story is ripe with moral conflict and sexual tension - themes he would revisit in The Last Picture Show - director Martin Ritt maintains a perfect mood and pace without slipping into melodrama.


  • Martin Ritt


  • Paul Newman

  • Patricia Neal

  • Melvyn Douglas

  • Brandon de Wilde


A rare chance to see Martin Ritt's enthralling 'modern Western'.

Paul Newman dominates the film as Hud, 'the man with the barbed wire soul', while Patricia Neal's sensitive portrayal of Alma won her an Academy Award.

Other Oscars went to Melvyn Douglas as Best Supporting Actor, and to veteran cinematographer James Wong Howe (his second Academy Award) for his fine black-and-white camerawork.

Director Ritt keeps a firm grip on the absorbing story about an amoral tearaway (Newman) and the clash of old and new ideas on a huge Texas cattle ranch.

Newman was also nominated for an Academy Award for his uncompromising portrayal, which catches all the facets, all the moods, of a character that is more complex that it looks at first glance.