1993 Certificate: 15


Drama starring Kathleen Turner and Tommy Lee Jones. A widowed mother clashes with a child psychiatrist when he diagnoses her daughter as autistic.


  • Michael Lessac


  • Kathleen Turner

  • Tommy Lee Jones

  • Asha Menina


Kathleen Turner is not at her best in this 'problem' drama that plays more in the style of a TV movie. She takes the role of a newly widowed mother who cannot acknowledge the fact that her six-year-old daughter may be autistic. Admittedly her character is underwritten, but someone of Turner's calibre should have been able to do more with it. However, the film improves in the scenes focusing on the child: little Asha Menina manages to convey an uncanny unworldliness, which writer/director Michael Lessac presents clearly and compellingly. And Tommy Lee Jones is on good, unusually quiet form as the child psychiatrist involved.