honey 2 DI 02
2010 Running time: 110 Certificate: 12 Not yet rated
honey 2 1S


Newly-paroled foster kid Maria Bennett (Katerina Graham) gets a job sweeping floors at a New York dance studio... but it's not long before she's back treading the boards with the resident dance crew The HDs. She finds herself falling for a hunky frat boy but her past soon catches up with her in the form of dodgy street geezer Luis (Christopher 'War' Martinez). Impressively physical dance sequences and a driving score provide the tween appeal to this spin-off from the 2003 original, a star-making vehicle for Jessica Alba.


  • Bille Woodruff


  • Katerina Graham

  • Randy Wayne

  • Christopher Martinez

  • Audrina Patridge

  • Mario López


We've jitterbugged down this path of talented-street-dancing-kid-making-it-to-the-big-time so many times before it's a wonder it doesn't have its own heritage trail through the streets of New York.

With the original Honey Jessica Alba otherwise engaged with Little Fockers and the next Spy Kids, it's up to The Vampire Diaries star Katerina Graham to step into her dance shoes for this no-surprises sequel.

She's Maria, a 17-year-old foster sprog who wound up in juvenile centre after her shifty boyfried Luis (Martinez) caringly allowed her to take the rap for a break-in at a pawnbrokers.

Fresh out of pokey, she's fostered by Honey's cuddly mom who gets her a job wielding a broom at her daughter's studio (think Pineapple Dance Studios minus the preening Louie Spence).

After a brief reunion with the caddish Luis - who almost gets her nicked for possession - Maria realises her future lies with The HDs, the studio's resident dance crew led by buff Rec Centre volunteer Brandon (Wayne).

With a plot so flimsy it's hardly worth bothering with (unless you appreciate a scene where Pan's People appear to be incarcerated in Holloway nick), this is almost wholly reliant on its dance scenes.

Fortunately, this is where it scores with some impressive choreography and a supple display from a cast whose acting ability probably wouldn't even get them an audition for Holby City.

Graham can scowl and throw sullen looks while baring her midriff with the best of them while the perpetually miffed Martinez could have a future as a panto villain.

It pans out so predictably Simon Cowell might have planned it but tween fans of urban shape throwing won't feel short-changed.

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