1945 Certificate: pg


Musical comedy about an unlikely romance between a chauffeur's daughter and a colonel's son, starring Frank Randle and Nicolette Roeg.


  • John E Blakeley


  • Tony Pendrell

  • Nicolette Roeg

  • Frank Randle


The old `rich boy meets poor girl, snobbish mum doesn't approve but she's filthy rich herself after all' story is dusted off for this lightweight postwar Britsh comedy. Nicolette Roeg (sister of director Nicolas) plays a spirited girl who is the chauffeuse to a wealthy family and son Eric (Tony Pendrell) falls for her. But mum quashes the idea so Roeg flounces off to be a nightclub chanteuse, with you Eric following, of course. Only mild entertainment even when it was made and rather dated now.