2012 Certificate: pg


Young scamp Christian Martyn follows in the burglar-tripping footsteps of Macauley Culkin in the fifth Home Alone caper. He plays Finn, a California kid whose family moves to a big, scary house in Maine. Finn is convinced the place is haunted. But when he and his big sister (Jodelle Ferland) are left on their own for the evening, it's not ghosts that go bump in the night but a trio of art thieves. With Malcolm McDowell and Debi Mazar among the bungling crooks and a mansion full of booby traps, we're all set for another fine, slapsticky mess.


  • Peter Hewitt


  • Christian Martyn

  • Jodelle Ferland

  • Debi Mazar

  • Malcolm McDowell

  • Eddie Steeples