1962 Certificate: pg


Director Don Siegel's uncompromising World War Two action drama features Steve McQueen and James Coburn as GIs among a small group of American soldiers defending a stretch of the Siegfried Line against overwhelming German odds. It builds to a furious climax as the exhausted grunts are put through their paces by the Germans and dissent within their own ranks.


  • Don Siegel


  • Steve McQueen

  • James Coburn

  • Bob Newhart

  • Bobby Darin

  • Fess Parker


Tough, uncompromising war film from Don Siegel with a magnetic performance from Steve McQueen as the professional soldier who is constantly at odds with military authority.

He and the other members of a tired and depleted infantry squad are sent to hold a section of 'the line' against a superior German force.

Slow to start, the film builds to an exciting climax, while raising questions about heroism.

McQueen is backed by a strong cast that includes James Coburn, Bobby Darin, Fess Parker and, curiously, comedian Bob Newhart.