1990 Certificate: 18


Thriller starring Steven Seagal. An LA cop plots his revenge against the vicious drugs gang that murdered his wife and child. With Kelly LeBrock.


  • Bruce Malmuth


  • Steven Seagal

  • Kelly LeBrock

  • Bill Sadler


Made a time long ago when Steven Seagal was as slim and supple as a willow branch, this was his second major film and established that he regards acting as something other people - and occasionally inanimate objects - do. Seagal himself just hits things - in as many different ways as he can. Here, he's hitting corrupt cops who shot up his family seven years before, killing his wife and son and sending him into a coma. Kelly LeBrock is the health professional helping him regain his life and William Sadler is the baddy. What story there is exists merely to string together the fight sequences, but those are done well and the movie is better than many in the martial arts genre.