1978 Certificate: pg


There's undeniable chemistry between John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John - in fact, it's electrifying - in the chart-topping, dancefloor-filling, feelgood musical romance between two star-crossed lovers at a 1950s California high school. She's a good girl who has to play bad to land a bad boy who's really quite good. The perfect soundtrack to happy days - and, uh, summer nights.


  • Randal Kleiser


  • Olivia Newton-John

  • John Travolta

  • Stockard Channing


Grease. The story of a young couple that find 'summer love', only to find themselves separated as the summer ends and they return to school, but to our surprise, they are reunited as both unexpectedly meet at Rydell High.

Back at Rydell High, Danny (Travolta) changes to fit in with his peers, and is not the boy that Sandy (Newton-John) knew; thus, we follow the changes both undertake to win each other's affections.

Grease is a timeless and universal movie, capturing the imagination of teenagers, using a nostalgic look at the 1950s.

Incorporating the iconic figure of John Travolta, who in this instance is much likened to Elvis Presley, an idol of the rock'n'roll era, Grease represents the popular culture of two individual decades.

The unique yet stereotypical cast of attractive actors offers universal appeal for all the family. Whether you are Sandy or Danny, Rizzo or Kenickie, there's someone for everyone.

Winning five Golden Globe awards and achieving a number one soundtrack, the phenomenal success of Grease cannot be denied.

The re-release of the film by Paramount Pictures for the twentieth anniversary, (rather dubiously) not for profit purposes but to 'keep the word alive' apparently supports this.

It can be said that the storyline is simplistic and does not challenge an audience. Some may say that the slap stick comedy, cheese and humour over look the serious underlying message, but are these critics taking it too seriously?

Grease is a combination of musical, comedy, romance, satire of teenage life, and nostalgia, all of which should be taken light heartedly, and seen for the vitality of life and energy that it represents.

Despite numerous criticisms for poor editing and the talent of the actors, the large audiences are drawn in by the colour, pioneering spirit and oomph of the film.

It today still sells on its reputation and the memories are passed down through generations, creating a timeless classic.

Grease is still the word, and yes it does have groove and meaning.

Holly Bantleman