2000 Certificate: 15


Retired master car thief Randall 'Memphis' Raines (Nicolas Cage) has to steal 50 exotic cars in 24 hours to save his brother Kip's life. He re-assembles his old team, including Sarah "Sway" Wayland (Angelina Jolie) and The Sphinx (Vinnie Jones)... but also finds the police on his back. High octane action from producer Jerry "Pearl Harbor" Bruckheimer.


  • Dominic Sena


  • Nicolas Cage

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Christopher Eccleston

  • Giovanni Ribisi

  • Robert Duvall

  • Vinnie Jones


Nicolas Cage stars as Memphis Raines, a former car thief who is forced out of retirement when his younger brother Kip (Ribisi) is unable to deliver 50 expensive cars to dangerous smuggler Raymond Calitri (Christopher Eccleston).

With his brother's life on the line, Memphis must enlist his old car-stealing partners for help in order to pull off the ultimate crime.

His team includes his mentor, Otto (Duvall), and an old flame (Jolie), plus a crew of other colourful characters.

Once he gets them all together, Memphis has to do the impossible: organise the theft of 50 cars from all over LA in a single night.

The question is: will they succeed?

For screeching, screaming brakes and hair-raising stunts, the film delivers in spades.