2000 Certificate: 15


Sylvester Stallone steps into Michael Caine's shotgun-toting shoes for the US remake of the British crime classic. He's the titular Vegas mobster who returns home to Seattle to attend his brother's funeral and get to the bottom of his untimely death. He's a big fella but, unlike some of the scumbags who cross his path, he's definitely not outta shape. Alan Cumming, Rachael Leigh Cook, Mickey Rourke and Miranda Richardson get involved. As does the boy Caine himself.


  • Stephen Kay


  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Rachael Leigh Cook

  • Mickey Rourke

  • Alan Cumming

  • Miranda Richardson

  • Michael Caine


Sylvester Stallone takes on Michael Caine's old role as Jack Carter in a flashy, noisy new version of the 1971 Brit gangster classic.

Leaving Las Vegas, Carter heads for rainswept Seattle for the funeral of his brother, who he soon finds was murdered, prompting him to call on the usual suspects in a bid for revenge.

Instead of the inspired work of the original, this is no-frills, biff-bash-bosh remake stuff, but on that level enjoyable. Sly is fine and Caine pops in briefly but effectively as mob boss Cliff Brumby.