1999 Certificate: pg


Wonderfully savvy sci-fi comedy starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman as the cast of a cancelled Star Trek-style TV show who, thanks to a cosmic misunderstanding, are whisked from a fan convention to save a distant planet from hostile invaders. Pitch-perfect performances and a knowing, chuckle-filled script ensure that even the most devout Trekkie will appreciate this affectionate spoof of their beloved universe.


  • Dean Parisot


  • Tim Allen

  • Sigourney Weaver

  • Alan Rickman

  • Tony Shalhoub


The framework of a thinly-veiled Star Trek spoof gives the director ample room to stage some effects-heavy action sequences.

The younger members in the audience will especially enjoy these scenes, such as some elaborate space chases and an encounter with a rock monster.

All the effects in the film are first-rate but what will appeal to the mature viewer even more is the smart, edgy humour, which begins with the characters.

And the writers also aim to please those fanatical fans who know every last technical detail of the film's cult series. Sci-fi and Star Trek fans with a sense of humour about their object of passion will especially enjoy the comedy.

The real test of the jokes, however, is if they work on a Trek-oblivious viewer. Thankfully no one needs any familiarity in that area to get the humour.

Both poking fun at Star Trek and embracing it, Galaxy Quest strikes a fine balance, providing laughs and excitement for the whole family.