2012 Certificate: pg


Josh Schwartz - the man behind TV megahits Gossip Girl and The OC - stays in teen comedy territory for his movie directing debut. It's Halloween and gorgeous but unassuming Wren (Victoria Justice) is happy to leave her college application on the back burner when the hottest guy in school invites her to his party. Unfortunately her mother insists she takes her little brother Albert trick or treating instead. Her solution? Sneak Albert into the shindig. The drawback? He goes missing in the sea of costumes. The final insult? She has to rely on the class nerds to help her find him. OMG, could the situation get any more embarrassing? Like you wouldn't believe...


  • Josh Schwartz


  • Victoria Justice

  • Chelsea Handler

  • Thomas McDonell

  • Johnny Knoxville

  • Jackson Nicholl


Initially pandering to fans of Schwartz's TV hits The O.C. and Gossip Girl, this sees smokin' yet supersmart high schooler Wren (Justice) and her best friend April (Reese Witherspoon clone Jane Levy) all set for the night of their so-called lives when megahunk Aaron (Thomas McDonell) invites them to his Halloween bash.

But their dreams are dashed when Wren's widowed mum Joy (talkshow host Chelsea Handler) leaves her to mind her kid brother, the unspeaking if not unspeakable Albert (Jackson Nicholl), so she can party with her new toyboy.

No problem. Once Albert has filled his trick-or-treating boots, Wren can just leave him in a corner at Aaron's. Alas, she soon loses the wee Spider-man amidst the fancily dressed crowds.

Desperate to find him before Joy gets home, Wren is able to rely on her geeky, not-so-secret admirer Roosevelt (Thomas Mann, It's Kind Of A Funny Story) who has one Asian friend and two moms (you don't have to be a stereotype to appear here but it helps).

Albert, meanwhile, is having a super night, finding a new friend in Fuzzy the store clerk (Thomas Middleditch), clubbing with hot babes, and taking on the town's biggest jackass (Johnny Knoxville - who else?). Joy, however, is finding the age gap in her new relationship to be more of an abyss.

One should never be too harsh on a film that makes up raps about biologists and features a Volvo being violated by a giant chicken.

Elliott Noble