1988 Certificate: 15


Harrison Ford stars in Roman Polanski's Hitchcockian mystery thriller as an American doctor who goes on a desperate search for his wife when she is kidnapped in Paris. Emmanuelle Seigner is the trashy local vamp who may or may not be able to help. Either way, they're in it together as Polanski ramps up the intrigue and suspense.


  • Roman Polanski


  • Harrison Ford

  • Emmanuelle Seigner

  • Betty Buckley


Surgeon Harrison Ford and his wife (Betty Buckley) arrive in Paris for a convention but she mysteriously disappears. Ford finds she may have been kidnapped and a clue arrives in the form of a gorgeous Parisienne (Emmanuelle Seigner) whose suitcase Ford picked up by mistake at the airport.

Director Roman Polankski stirs up a storm of tense moments and great action, and Ford is super as the everyday bloke thrown in at the deep end.