1957 Certificate: pg


Barbara Stanwyck plays a Queen Bee gung-ho rancher who rules her Arizona spread with a posse of hired guns. When new marshal Griff (Barry Sullivan) turns up with his two brothers... she finds herself falling for him. Director Sam Fuller crams barrels of action into a lasso-tight running time; Sergio Leone was so impressed he borrowed the style for his spaghetti westerns.


  • Samuel Fuller


  • Barbara Stanwyck

  • Dean Jagger

  • Barry Sullivan


Cult director Samuel Fuller created this visually arresting Western in which Barbara Stanwyck takes one of the strongest of her tough-bitch roles as the lady who rules over Cochise County, Arizona.

Her small private army of 40 gunmen keep the rest of the population, including the ineffectual sheriff (Dean Jagger), in check.

Then one day US marshal Griff Bonnell (Barry Sullivan) rides into town with his two brothers (Gene Barry and Robert Dix).

Developments are fairly predictable from here on and indeed US critics weren't impressed on the film's initial release.

This side of the Atlantic, Italian and French critics loved it and 'Dollars' director Sergio Leone was strongly influenced by the film's visual style - extreme close-ups, odd angle shots and quick inter-cutting.

If not a classic Western, this is one that should be watched.

Review from IPC