1983 Certificate: 15


What a feeling! Jennifer Beals' feisty wannabe dancer dreams of leaving the world of welding behind and striking out to win a place at ballet school. Adrian Lyne's glossy musical drama was responsible for starting the trend for legwarmers and damaging the hamstrings of countless aspiring teenage dancers. But the superb choreography and tough dialogue makes it a sweat-soaked winner. And the ditty Flashdance... What A Feeling! landed an Oscar for best song.


  • Adrian Lyne


  • Jennifer Beals

  • Michael Nouri

  • Lilia Skala


With a soundtrack that sounds like a Fame sequel, a stream of tough dialogue, sensational disco choreography and a story about a girl who's a welder by day and a club dancer by night, this film rang the bell with the hardcore teen trade in a big way.

Then the whole thing is about half as close to life as Saturday Night Fever; but it has toe-tapping music and some emotive moments, like the impossibly happy ending, that work in spite of everything.