2000 Certificate: 15


When high schooler Alex (Devon Sawa) has a panicky premonition that the plane taking his class to Paris is doomed, he and several of the school party are ejected from the flight... which duly explodes after take-off. But Death will not be cheated, gradually catching up with the survivors one by one. And they never see it coming. Seann William Scott is among the not-so-lucky ones as reaper-director James Wong gets the ball rolling - along with the odd head - on the fiendishly inventive horror franchise.


  • James Wong


  • Devon Sawa

  • Ali Larter

  • Kerr Smith

  • Seann William Scott

  • Tony Todd


Alex Browning (Sawa) and his class-mates are off on a holiday of a lifetime to Paris.

Boarding the plane, Alex suffers a vivid and terrifying premonition of the plane's total destruction.

In the scuffle that follows his demented warnings to fellow passengers, seven people are forced to leave the plane and miss their flight.

Whilst waiting in the airport lounge, Alex's vision becomes terrifying reality as the plane explodes, resulting in total loss of life.

Alex begins to realise that, having cheated Death, Death will still come looking for them.

What follows is a fruity horror cocktail consisting of a dash of The Dead Zone, a slurp of Fearless, a double shot of The Omen - all topped up with a very large measure of the X-Files.

The latter is not in the least surprising, as director James Wong worked on the long-running series for several years, both as writer and director.

While drawing inspiration from numerous sources, the result is fast, fun and hugely innovative. A morbidly humorous horror treat.