2011 Certificate: 12


The world's most environmentally unfriendly franchise hits fifth gear with car-thieving fugitives Vin Diesel and Paul Walker planning the heist to end them all in Rio de Janeiro. With FBI super-agent Dwayne Johnson out to clamp them down for good, the fearless duo assemble a crew of old buddies to steal $100m of dirty money - from the city's biggest police station. It's Ocean's Eleven with fuel injection as the bad boys and hot babes hit the action accelerator for another round of spectacular auto-carnage.


  • Justin Lin


  • Vin Diesel

  • Paul Walker

  • Dwayne Johnson

  • Jordana Brewster

  • Tyrese Gibson

  • Ludacris


Though nobody has appeared in all the Fast & Furiouses, exec producer Vin Diesel has made it something of a cast reunion for the most impressive procession of booms, bangs and barely-covered female buttocks yet.

Sadly, while one character was resurrected for the previous instalment after being killed off in Part 3 (Sung Kang's Tokyo drifter Han) and returns again here, no amount of chronological tinkering can bring back Michelle Rodriguez [yet].

Still, there's no time for Diesel's ace car thief Dom Toretto to cry over spilt girlfriends as he gets back behind the wheel with Walker's cop-turned-criminal Brian O'Connor for the fifth count of grand theft brain cell.

With Dom facing 25 years without parole, Brian and his girlfriend - Dom's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) - kick things off by busting the big lug out of a prison bus before rejoining him in Rio to plan their next move.

Their best bet, reckons twitchy associate Vince (Matt Schultze), is to steal two sports cars from a speeding train. No problem. Vroom, kaboom, bish-bash-splosh: job done.

This not only riles the cars' owner - super-rich scumbag Reyes (Joaquin De Almeida), "the most powerful man in Rio" - but also forces the FBI to put their beefiest bloodhound, Hobbs (Johnson), on Dick and Dom's case.

The sensible might lay low. The fast and the furious, however, opt instead to rob Reyes of all his ill-gotten dough. But as it's held in an unbreakable vault in the middle of Rio's corruptest cop shop, the boys are gonna need all the help they can get.

That means putting the gang back together - former race rival Roman (Tyrese Gibson), wisecracking safecracker Tej (Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges), turbo babe Gisele (Gal Gadot), the undead Han, and two other guys you may remember from previous episodes but probably won't.

Chock-full of shiny hardware, subtle as an explosion under an unflushed toilet, and so macho you can almost hear Sinitta in the background, Fast Five is what Top Gear would be like without a complaints department.

Unsurprisingly, the action speaks louder than words. It's certainly more convincing. Yet somehow, director Justin Lim (returning for his third consecutive lap) manages to keep you pinned to the passenger seat for over two gas-guzzling hours - with no perceptible drop in testosterone levels.

But never does the manliness spike as alarmingly as when Johnson and Diesel go chin to double chin. Seriously, if Dom wasn't getting so cosy to Hobbs' hot Brazilian deputy (Elsa Pataky), you suspect they might want to get a room.

Never mind the bullets, collapsing buildings, and tons of metal travelling at 100mph, the rest of the cast do well not to get crushed between the big guys' biceps.

Elliott Noble