1983 Certificate: 18


Bawdy drama based on John Cleland's notorious 18th-century novel, starring Lisa Raines and Oliver Reed. A naive young woman goes to London to seek her fortune.


  • Gerry O'hara


  • Lisa Raines

  • Shelley Winters

  • Wilfrid Hyde White

  • Oliver Reed


This film version of the notorious 18th-century novel is everything you would expect - in a nutshell, a sort of Tom Jones with a lot more flesh. Penniless young Fanny (Lisa Raines) goes to London, loses her... er... virtue, falls in love with handsome Charles (Jonathan York), loses him and embarks on a further series of horizontal adventures. Raines, although very attractive, can't act at all and a surprisingly starry cast that can (including Oliver Reed, Wilfrid Hyde White and Shelley Winters) don't bother trying. They resort instead to broad mugging, chewing vigorously on the pretty indigestible script. The only one with any chutzpah is Maria Harper, who at least plays Phoebe, a whore, with a degree of knowing sexiness. They should have made the script funnier, got Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims - and retitled it Carry On Fanny...