1993 Certificate: 18


Michael Douglas is the Los Angeles office drone who - pushed to the brink by the stresses of everyday life - suddenly snaps. Joel Schumacher's psychological suspenser stirred up controversy by making it easy to sympathise with the white-collar rebel's cause, from escaping traffic jams to wiping the smiles off the faces of rip-off merchants and smirking McJobsworths. Robert Duvall is the world-weary cop trying to work out where his violent trail is leading and what caused it. That terrible haircut, maybe?


  • Joel Schumacher


  • Michael Douglas

  • Robert Duvall

  • Barbara Hershey

  • Rachel Ticotin


Michael Douglas gives a mesmerising performance as an ordinary man pushed beyond his limits in this unnerving, but engrossing drama set in Los Angeles.

It begins when a shopkeeper refuses law-abiding citizen Douglas a simple request. Suddenly, Douglas snaps and storms off on a one-man crusade to crush the bullies and bureaucrats of this world.

Co-star Robert Duvall is charismatic as the cop who, about to retire, finds himself on the trail of the white-collar vigilante. Great stuff.