1995 Certificate: 15


Offbeat comedy drama from Hong Kong starring Leon Lai, Michele Reis and Takeshi Kaneshiro. The lives of three strangers are inexplicably intertwined. In Cantonese with English subtitles.


  • Wong Kar-wai


  • Takeshi Kaneshiro

  • Leon Lai

  • Charlie Yeung

  • Michelle Reis


Cult director Wong Kar-wai follows up his hit Chungking Express with a glossy, freewheeling panorama of Hongkong's lowlife. Leon Lai is an injury-afflicted hitman who tries to bid farewell to life, Michelle Reis looks for love with a killer and Takeshi Kaneshiro finds trouble fitting in as a deaf-mute crook. Stylish, cool and sharp-looking, this is world-cinema arthouse movie-making at its sleekest, though unkind critics could say the director is a bit of an artful poseur.